Lioness Pride


This time, I am not writing to my diary.

I am writing to you.  You who so inspire me with your wisdom, heart, and bravery.

As I read the blogs from those who are willing to bare their souls, I see a level of self awareness that is unprecedented in generations past.  I sense not only a drive to overcome lifetimes of being told “girls can’t play outside” (especially the solo female travelers), but an embracing of the unknown with a confidence that is inspirational to all those that might come after her.

As with every woman in time immemorial, the fight to overcome your mantle is hard won. Although the battles are unique to their generation, the struggle is the same. And it is real.

The media’s influence on how women view themselves is more pervasive than ever but I see among you a growing collective refusal to apologize for who you are. You possess a radiance that only comes from liking who you see in the mirror, and that my young lion hearts, is not for sale in any magazine or makeup counter.

Bravo to you who persevere through your fears, self doubt, or when the world has beaten you. You are not alone. And as long as there are women on Earth, there is someone who will reach out to you when you cry out.

So don’t forget to turn the selfie camera outward to see what is happening around you young lionesses, for you must be able to see past the illusions to be able to help one another. For every act of kindness is like a ripple in a timeless sea of humanity that travels forever.

Always remember how ferocious you can be if you have to, but not because you want to. Don’t waste your power on those that would steal it.

Don’t forget all those that came before you, they blazed the trail that you now freely travel.

In spite of the pace around you, don’t hurry through your travels of life. The joy of you will not be found where you’re going, but where you are.

I am scarred, but not broken. I am weary, but at peace. My power no longer comes from might, but from wisdom. And God willing young ones, you will someday be where I am, as I am now where they were.

As a matriarch looking out at those who are coming after me, you give me great hope for the future of women.

Buen camino peregrino femeninas.

Until next time.